‘The Children’s Bookshop’ originated based on an idea thrown at Gerald by his nephew who ran the famous bookstores K.V.G. De Silva & Sons.

Whilst book stores of that era offered the reader the entire repertoire, Gerald focused purely on children’s books. The business soon expanded to include children’s records offering kids of all ages the combination of education & entertainment.

Based on an opportunity offered by Ms. Betty De Saram, the Manager of the Lewis Brown’s record store which was closing down, Gerald purchased its entire stock at both a discounted price as well as favorable credit terms, marking the entry of the Wickremesooriya’s into the foray of music business.

The Children’s Bookshop by Stanislaus Fernando of Los Flamencos, Manella Joseph of the Winslow Six and Annesley Malawana of the Original Pop Trio


Gerald and Dulcie Wickremesooriya started out in business as ‘The Children’s Bookshop’: trading of Children’s books.

About Gerald Wickremesooriya – Gerald Wickremesooriya



By the early 70s, The Children’s Bookshop had become known as the center of original music in Sri Lanka and was always flooded with artistes as well as with fans looking for new releases and the opportunity to hobnob with favorite artiste. During the 1970’s it was one of the most popular hangouts in Colombo, especially during lunch hours.

Though the Children’s Bookshop is no more, music produced under the Sooriya label remain evergreen in Sri Lanka.

The Children’s Bookshop by its fans – Arjuna & Jude


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